About us

A well-developed infrastructure for broadband is important for the development of society and the economy. Utsikt Bredband AB owns, operates and develops a future-proof fibre broadband network in the region. We supply fibre connections for private households, property owners, companies and operators. Our fibre network encompasses approximately 65,000 addresses in Linköping, Mjölby, Borensberg and Katrineholm, covering the need for fast and secure communication solutions. Several suppliers use our network to provide a range of internet, TV and telephony services, which translates into elevated freedom of choice. In addition, we maintain local representation to ensure both high accessibility and good local support. Utsikt Bredband is owned by the company Tekniska verken i Linköping.

We are also responsible for a broadband network for students. If you are living in accommodation operated by Studentbostäder, Heimstaden or at Colonia – ByggVesta’s student halls – you can connect to the supplier Bahnhof. To take out a subscription, simply connect your computer to the network socket in your apartment. 

More information about the student network.

Broadband services

Several suppliers provide broadband services through our fibre network. Here is a list of our service providers.

 If you have any questions, you can email us at kundservice@utsikt.se or call us on 0771-50 40 50.

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